Cruising on The river

Kalimantan or Indonesia's Borneo is the third biggest island in the world and has many treasures and culture and also as the lungs of the

Rainforest Trekking

Rain forest are covered by this island so the green peace or other forest's voluntary always keep this island nature from the plantation and mining


You never walk aline to explore Borneo

During your trips in kalimantan or borneo even you travel alone so do not be afraid or worry about your travel need and everything base on your trips starting of your ticket, transport, accomodation and .
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Halau-halau or Hallo-Hallo is a mount peak of Meratus with its hieght of 1.901 dpi


Swimming buffalo that can be found in Negara village is one of the unique tourist

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Flight to Indonesia

When you have a plan to travel in Borneo or Indonesia generally you must need

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