Floating Market - Diamond Tour [3D2N]

# Tour Name Tour Code Area
1 Floating Market - Diamond Tour [3D2N] 05/IBT-SB/RG/16 Banjarmasin
Floating market in Banjarmasin is the most traditional market in the world where the transaction is made by them self not organizied by the private or government. They come and do the activities just with one purpose that selling the products such as Vegetables, Fruits, fishes, local cakes, etc. It has been since a hundred years ago where originally the transaction used barter but not nowaday.

After satisfied in the Market after breakfast in the hotel continue to find the Diamond mine and polishing in Martapura city that about 1 hours drive by car, in the area visitor can see the only diamond mining and polishing in Indonesia.

As our reguler program that start everyday from the hotel where our clients stay, we offer the best and easy package for the floating market likes :

Grade          : Easy
Origin          : Banjarmasin
Destination   : Lokbaintan floating market


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