Rainforest Trekking

Rain forest are covered by this island so the green peace or other forest's voluntary always keep this island nature from the plantation and mining but nowadays the forest is threatened by the coal mining and palm oil plantation after in 1990 era there were a big illegal logging were done by the local  authority. In this season just a little place that can be done for trekking and adventure like in loksado area, Tanjung puting national park, Kaja island, sebangau area in central kalimantan, cross borneo is not too nature anymore since there were many plantation that covered some of the village through the trips then better take part of the area with short day when visiting the island.

1. Loksado forest and Dayak community
Loksado is an area in south hulu sungai district covered area of south kalimantan is an ideal place to get trek in the secondary forest where it is also combined with some tourist object that can be visited likes bamboo rafting, swimming buffalo in negara city, dayak community and long house (balai), hot springs and the nature. This area located in the foot of meratus mount and can be reached easily from the capital city more less 5 hours drive, there were some of accomodation and local restaurant in the village but when trekking usually local house or long house (balai) will be used as the accomodation and simple meals also will be prepared.

2. Discover and Trans Kalimantan trips
To whom like an adrenaline and challange activities this trip offers the magnificent activities where this trip serves 13 days adventures from east kalimantan to Pangkalanbun (orangutan) in central kalimantan with passing Banjarmasin (south kalimantan), preparing your healty and everything will be required when taking this trip. For detail program can be seen in our products cataloge on this website.

3. The Balao Hill (the sacred hill of Dayak tribes)
This trip covered the area of Orangutan park in central kalimantan where the dayak ngaju lives starting from Banjarmasin with private car to Pangkalanbun bun (central kalimantan), in banjarmasin also visit the magnificent floating market and canal tour.


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