Cruising on The river

Kalimantan or Indonesia's Borneo is the third biggest island in the world and has many treasures and culture and also as the lungs of the world, it is the ideal place for someone who like an adrenaline trips likes adventures or jungle trek. This island crossed by Equator line so all the jungle are tropical rainforest, beside covered with the rainforest this island also divided with small and big river in every province like in West kalimantan there is a Kapuas river as the biggest and longgest river in kalimantan, East Kalimantan with Mahakam river where inland we can find the longear dayak community, Central kalimantan with its Kahayan river where it has an island for Orangutan release to the wildness that is in Kaja island.

In south kalimantan has Barito river with the long of 900 km and wide of 1 km devide Banjarmasin city with Marabahan as the capital of Barito Kuala regency, in Banjarmasin as the capital of south kalimantan where it has nickname of THE CITY WITH THAUSAND RIVER where 65% the area are swamp so that the tourism activities base on the city character namely river activities.  Then every province where it has river also has the same tourism activities like cruising on the river, for example in Kahayan river it has cruise to dayak village and stop to observe the culture.

The most popular river cruise is in the Tanjung puting national park where it has cruise activities to visit the orangutan camps, the boat used as the accomodation and all daily need such as food will be prepared on the boat (local people called it with Kapal / kelotok). To reach all area in this island can be easely found from Jakarta as the capital of indonesia with your route destination area Jakarta - Pontianak - Pangkalanbun - Banjarmasin then continued to all over indonesia destination like to surabaya, Jogyakarta, Bali and Makassar where there were lots of domestic flight available with moderate and promotion tariff.

Some of tourist destination that sell river as their main object likes in Central Kalimantan we have Tanjung puting National park that had 3 main orangutan rehabilitation camps like Pondok tanggui, Tanjung Harapan and Camp leaky. Their main object show tourist with orangutan activities and other wildness animals like Longnose monkey, Hornbill, crocodiles, maccace and etcetera.  Below are list our favorit river cruise activities that can be done by tourist when they visit the area :

1. Tanjung puting national park cruise with the Orangutan
This activities are the best and favorit in this island where every tourist holiday especially in June - November there are many tourist come especial from europe (Spain, German, Netherland, Swiss, Slovakia, French and etc). To reach this island can be done with direct flight from Jakarta or Semarang everyday with Kalstar aviation, Wings air and Trigana air service.

2. Canal tour and Martapura river Cruise
Canal tour is a short tour with 1 hours boating in Kelayan river in Banjarmasin where on the way will pass the local people activities and their houses build in the river side, this tour will show the hospitality of the local people called Banjarese. While Martapura river cruise is the cruise on the Martapura river to reach the floating market with more less 1 hours boating for the best and traditional lokbaintan floating market.

3. Mahakam river cruise
The real river cruise and fantastic are in this cruise where the main object for this trips visits the longear dayak and also the blackorchid, beside the cruising also be combined with visiting the heritage of the  oldest kingdom of Kutai kertanegara complex and also the orangutan rehabilitation center in samboja.


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